Friday, April 16, 2010

'Lake' charts!

Having yet to make my for-real radio push, I am tickled to see By the Side of the Lake pop up on this week's Roots Music Report Folk charts: #4 in Washington State, and #40 overall!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Seattle, WA: Nectar Lounge (Full-Band CD Release!)

What a celebration! Thanks to all who came out, Nectar, the WW Band (Alicia Healey, Brian Hoskins, Dave Bush, Erin Kreiger, Amanda Monger)... Fun to play "By the Side of the Lake" start-to-finish, even with the hassle of lugging around three extra instruments for one song each (ooh, look at how many things I can play!--and none're as heavy as anything I made Brian schlep, particularly that Rhodes...). Onward and outward...

'Lake' on iTunes, more

By the Side of the Lake hit iTunes mere moments ago, and continues to seep out through various other digital media outlets, etc.--right on schedule with tonight's full-band Seattle release concert!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bellevue, WA: KBCS Interview/Performance

One of the challenging things about radio performances is that you cannot read your audience. In a typical live setting, I pay close attention to the vibe(s) in the room and make adjustments accordingly; with radio, you just have to hope they're with you... Thankfully, KBCS host Christine Linde leads a pleasant and intelligent conversation, so pressure's off: play a few tunes, talk about my songwriter-self, call it good... And the station'll have a podcast of it available before long!