Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 News Archive

Wes is the featured ‘Spotlight Artist’ on Whole Wheat Radio, an on-line station based in Talkeetna, Alaska.

The episode of Tom May’s syndicated River City Folk radio show featruing Wes airs this week (August 13-19) on these stations—and XM Satellite Radio channel 15.

Performing Songwriter Magazine lists Songs to Get You From Here to There among its picks for this month’s Top 12 ‘Do-It-Yourself’ albums (“showcasing independent songwriters who have released an album without the backing of a label”); check it out here.

“Hills That I Call Home” from Songs to Get You From Here to There occupies the #29 slot on the Online Folk Festival’s Top 42 for April 2007.

Wes is one of the featured guests on A River & Sound Review’s latest podcast, available via iTunes or here (MP3).

Wes records an episode of Tom May’s syndicated River City Folk radio show, to air on these stations—and XM Satellite Radio channel 15—August 13-19, 2007 (change in date from original posting).

DJ Mara Noelle (aka Ruby Slippers) of KFOK (Georgetown, CA) and KVMR (Nevada City, CA) lists Songs to Get You From Here to There among her Top 6 albums that she took the most pleasure in playing for February, 2007, in her submission to the Freeform Americana Roots (FAR) Chart.

Songs to Get You From Here to There has found airplay on a growing list of stations from Ohio to Belgium to New Jersey to New Zealand in its first full month ‘out there.’ On Wes’ home-station-of-sorts, KBCS-Bellevue, “Carry On” became the first song broadcast via iPod on the station when Richard Gillmann spun it earlier this month. Wes has also announced a date for his Seattle release concert: Thursday, March 8, at Conor Byrne Pub in Ballard with a full band behind him!

2007 Gig Archive

2007: Gettin’ the new disc out there
(And plenty of unlisted side-work, too!)

Date City Venue
11/18/07 Seattle, WA Dusty Strings
(Guitar Workshops)
11/15/07 Bellevue, WA Crossroads
11/15/07 Seattle, WA Seattle Children’s Museum
Nov. 1-4 Vancouver, WA
Portland, OR
FAR-West Folk Alliance
10/18/07 Puyallup, WA A River & Sound Review
10/7/07 Seattle, WA Dusty Strings
(Mandolin Workshops)
10/5/07 Seattle, WA Beatwalk
9/20/07 Seattle, WA Conor Byrne Pub
9/16/07 Chicago, IL Uncommon Ground
9/15/07 Big Rapids, MI House Concert
9/1/07 Richland, WA Tumbleweed Music Festival
8/11/07 Coeur d’Alene, ID Private Wedding
7/29/07 Bellevue, WA 6th Street Fair
7/19/07 Bellevue, WA Crossroads
6/30/07 Seattle, WA Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival
6/23/07 Bellevue, WA Crossroads
5/27/07 Seattle, WA Northwest Folklife Festival
5/12/07 Curlew, WA House Concert
5/6/07 Coeur d’Alene, ID North Idaho Unitarian Universalists
5/3/07 Missoula, MT Sean Kelly’s
4/28/07 Seattle, WA Seattle Folklore Society
with Ter-Ra
4/15/07 Moscow, ID Palouse Folklore Society
with Joe Jencks
4/14/07 Boise, ID House Concert
with Joe Jencks
4/12/07 Salem, OR House Concert
with Joe Jencks
4/11/07 Portland, OR The Funky Church
with Joe Jencks
3/8/07 Seattle, WA Conor Byrne Pub
3/3/07 Spokane, WA Caterina Winery
3/2/07 Pullman, WA Daily Grind
Feb. 21-25 Memphis, TN Folk Alliance

Performance Notes

Thu., November 15, 2007
Bellevue, WA: Crossroads

Sometimes I think I get the call here because they don’t wanna try too hard for some dates...and I’m happy to come out, visit with Bob, bringAmanda, and, or course, support the cause. Two food-court gigs in one day...!!

Thu., November 15, 2007
Seattle, WA: Seattle Children’s Museum

“That was great!” I learn from the nice folk who’ve hired me as I finish my hour-long Arts in the Afternoon program; “We really appreciated that you interacted with the kids.” mean some people come here and don’t interact with the kids?!

They got some of my favorites, like Rosalie Sorrels’ classic “I’m Gonna Tell” and Barry Louis Polisar’s underappreciated “My Brother Threw Up On My Stuffed Toy Bunny”, and some re-workings of my own—the ‘raise-your-hand-if-you-hear-a-town-you’ve-been-to’ rendition of my exclusively-Washington State “I’ve Been Everywhere” produced a sort of visual Whack-a-Mole effect...and considerable (though fun!) confusion. Our mad-libbed overhaul of Hank Williams’ “Mind Your Own Business,” however, was the hands-down highlight—select verses below (kids’ contributions in bold):

Once upon a school I used to ride my hair
Now I use a curtain, so you’d better beware
Why don’t you mind your own business...?

I’ve got a skinny, fat Tinkerbell that I fly a lot
I used to swim a table when it got too hot
But you should mind you own business...

November 1-4, 2007
Vancouver, WA & Portland, OR: FAR-West Folk Alliance Conference

Not sure I’m caught-up enough to offer an appropriate, full recap of the conference—lots good!—so I’ll steer the ultra-interested (or ‘industry’) folk to the list-serv archives: early-November has a good bunch of folks’ feedback... In addition to the elusive pursuit of ‘making it’ (am I somebody yet??), Puget’s Sound took the opportunity to brand itself a little (new logo!), hosting a table in the exhibition hall and a Seattle Sounds, etc. showcase room in addition to two after events, one at The Funky Church (LOVE that space!!) and another at Alberta Street Pub—all great chances for me to show off my new PSP poster board! A lot, sure, but I’m feeling like it was worth it...

Thanks to all the great souls and spirits who made for a fun and productive weekend, and who make up this strong and growing community.

Thu., October 18, 2007
Puyallup, WA: A River & Sound Review

Enjoyed my appearance on River & Sound Review’s studio podcast in April—I like what Jay Bates is doing and hope to see the “one-of-a-kind literary entertainment variety show” series grow—and glad to be part of this month’s live podcast. Worried that the “significant wind event” (what?!) hyped by the media might keep folk away, but all-told I’ve played to far emptier rooms... Quite enjoyed Casey Fuller’s poems, and neat to see Karen Fisher’s book taking off after years of hard work.

Fri., October 5, 2007
Seattle, WA: Columbia City BeatWalk

On the first Friday of the month, many businesses in Columbia City’s downtown core (a vibrant neighborhood in South Seattle) participate in BeatWalk, which brings in musicians and charges a modest, flat cover while a two block sector of Rainier Ave. S explodes with people from the community. (What a great live-music model!) In my continued efforts to play-solo-as-little-as-possible-around-town (I fought it for years, but it really is more fun for everyone with more people involved...), I’ve convinced Dave and Erin to join me (in lieu of the still-tentatively namedSüper Band ) at my venue—Bookworm Exchange—creating a fun and still-versatile trio that seems to provoke a positive response. Lotta in-and-out traffic (including one couple who made quite a face—I guess we really weren’t what they were hoping to find...and, luckily, they have plenty of options on a BeatWalk night!), but lotta sustained listening, too, which is fantastic. And a lotta enthusiastic kids (bless ’em!) up later than I ever was at that age. (Of course, we are sorta situated in the kids section, and this is the book that stares at me for most of the three sets, taking me back to another ‘in-store’ performance from my past, where this is what filled my field of vision...)

Thu., September 20, 2007
Seattle, WA: Conor Byrne Pub

Good to be back here with the full band, even with only the short notice provided by Hot Club Sandwich’s cancellation (we seem to have kept HCS’ “High-energy Gyspy Jazz” tagline on the Conor’s website...)—no better time to try the new ‘Süper Band’ handle (Brian’s suggestion), if you ask me! Nice to see some band identity coming together and—can you believe this, coming from a songwriter?!—have it not all be about me all the time: stretch out with some surf-y numbers; let Erin take a few; watch Brian and Alicia launch into some impromptu lounge selections; add more cello; make fun of Dave... Yup, gotta keep this group working.

Sun., September 16, 2007
Chicago, IL: Uncommon Ground

It’s far nicer than it oughta be here in the Second City, considering that it dipped into the 30s in Michigan last night, even given the expected breeze coasting in from Lake Michigian. In the shadow of Wrigley Field (Go Cubs, Go...), Uncommon Ground has built a great reputation for hosting good music (great food, too!) and plenty of it; honored to be part of a bill here, and thrilled to see some familiar faces come out on a Sunday evening to support a boy far from home.

(The one item I forgot to pack this trip: Q-Tips.)

Sat., September 15, 2007
Big Rapids, MI: House Concert

Man, house concerts are really the way to go. This one’s full of family on my father’s side, many of whom I’ve met only once or twice before (I’m trusting others’ memories on this...)—and one good, old friend from high school music-making days. Fall is definitely creeping into the air, which gives the large, wood-heated room that surveys the large, air-cooled grounds a wistful-but-pleasant feel as my voice skips about from pine floor to high ceiling (“Autumn’s Calling” seems to hold particular effect tonight). Wish the visit could be longer, but at least we got to close down the Big Rapids Bennigan’s.

Sat., September 1, 2007
Richland, WA: Tumbleweed Music Festival

I forget to pack one item (at least...) on every trip I take. And though I grow better and better at packing quickly and completely as I do it more and more often, there is always something; in fact, I now find that I cannot relax until I discover what it is that I have forgotten (this usually happens in the car en route, sometimes mere blocks from the house). When before it might have been something consequential such as swimsuit or guitar tuner, these days it’s usually quite manageable: frisbee, perhaps; sharp razors; etc. (certain oft-forgot items, such as guitar stands—and said frisbee—now live permanently in the car).

This trip, it’s a smart shirt in which to perform. And a quick call to Dad, who’s coming down for the festival, has me set (though somewhat serendipitous to see an article on area thrift stores—likely my fallback had Dad and the wardrobe that used to outfit many a Pullman High School dancegoer not been available—in the local Herald).

Year five for me now at this wonderfully-paced-and-placed event, and though I have to watch my songwriting title depart from the position of emcee (deserved congrats to Chris Roe!), I emerge otherwise unscathed. Thanks to fellow Pullmanite Rajah Bose for the photograph below!

Sat., August 11, 2007
Coeur d’Alene, ID: Private Wedding

Congrats to Amanda & Brian!!

Sun., July 29, 2007
Bellevue, WA: 6th Street Fair

Give Bellevue some credit: I don’t know that Seattleites would turn out at noon on a cold-and-cloudy Sunday for an arts festival the way folk’re milling about here as I arrive. (Been to the ’Vue a lot lately...) Nice stage and sound, and glad to see some of the moisture burn off. And good, as always, to getErin out.

Thu., July 19, 2007
Bellevue, WA: Crossroads

Speaking of events co-sponsored by Puget’s Sound that I don’t book... Good to be back in this inimitable, glass-pergola-covered, linoleum-plated showcase (band-less, but a nice opportunity to addAmanda to a few more tunes and share more laughs with Bob)!

Sat., June 30, 2007
Bellevue, WA: Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival

Though Puget’s Sound is an official co-sponsor, I have no part in the booking of this event (wish word’d get out...) and I assumed that, since I played here last year, I’d sit this year out (seems fair). Imagine my surprise, then, when I opened the schedule attachment to send off confirmation e-mails and saw my name in this slot! Fortunately, I’m free...

And, if you can get over the constant—and literal—horn-tooting from the Steamship Virginia V and Tugboat Arthur Foss (both within spitting distance...and awfully loud!), it’s a great gig. Better-than-expected weather and a chance to do most of a full set withErin make for a most-pleasant outing!

Sat., June 23, 2007
Bellevue, WA: Crossroads

Though folk who’ve seen me on the Crossroads Stage before may tire of hearing it, I’ll state once more: there’s no other place quite like this. A mall food court with one of the best sound-techs in the region (thanks, Bob!) and a sizeable, attentive audience that comes (to a mall!) to listen, support, and—perhaps most importantly—sustain one of the most uniquely vibrant live-music venues in the region...or anywhere... Fun to bring the full band around, play withthese terrific musicians again, keep Erin singing, and move a few more copies of the new disc. And looks like I’ll be back soon.

Sun., May 27, 2007
Seattle, WA: Northwest Folklife Festival

With all of the visitors in town, playing/emceeing a Folklife in-the-round set almost seems an afterthought. Sharing the intimate-ish Cafe Impromptu stage with me in this Songwriters’ Circle are Tim Garon, Ali Marcus, and Jess Grant—a motley crew indeed. Nice turnout (my plan that it be sunny in the morning to bring folk out and then dump rain to drive festival-goers indoors to my stage in the later-afternoon never quite materializes as it’s stayed gray-and-sprinkly all day; this’ll prove to be the festival’s only cloudy offering), but, to be honest, I’m just glad to have been on time after scurrying over from my one-song mandolin-cameo with Reilly & Maloney several stages over...

Sat., May 12, 2007
Curlew, WA: House Concert

If I could do events just like this 4-5 times a week, I’d have it made. Hosts Greg and Linell caught me a few months ago in Spokane and had inquired about a house concert; after several near-misses, I now find myself outside of Curlew, WA—just an Ichiro-peg from Canada—in a fabulous octagonal home along the banks of the Kettle River (pretty high right now...). If the setting (and drive over) wasn’t enough, the crowd that arrives is as wonderful an example of comfortable rural community as you’ll ever find: fun to sing and interact with, and I’d never find this group here on my own in a short amount of time. Also fun to bust out some older NW Home stuff, especially “We’ve Got Stories.” In her introduction, Linell had mentioned the Law of Attraction, and I’m certainly glad it brought me here!

Sun., May 6, 2007
Coeur d’Alene, ID: North Idaho Unitarian Universalists

Schedule has allowed me a few ‘free’ days, and I’ve arranged to hide myself out on the shores of Lake Coeur d’Alene, ID, at my old stomping grounds: Camp Sweyolakan. In many ways, the lake and the town of Coeur d’Alene are the second hometown of my heart, and I’ve got the perfect perch to sit and ponder the rapid development and change at hand. Perhaps a song’ll come of this...

After finally getting the aging Kayot to start, I’m able to rendezvous with Dad Sunday morning for our gospel-y service for the NIUU folk,another in a long line of such endeavors (our second here together). Gotta sing when the spirit says sing...

Thu., May 3, 2007
Missoula, MT: Sean Kelly’s

SK’s here in chilly-but-pleasant Missoula (why, incidentally, do I always pick up the radio signal for my beloved M’s just as they’re blowing a lead??) is a nice find: a straight-up bar gig, sure, but supportive ownership/management and a nice community presence to be sure. Much less room for storytelling amid the clink and clatter, but they’re more with me than not. And always nice to have one table of old-and-new-friendly faces up front to keep you going as the evening wears on.

The skill saw revving right outside my window the next morning is a surprise, as are the fierce snow/hail flurries that follow me all the way back to the Idaho border.

Sat., April 28, 2007
Seattle, WA: Seattle Folklore Society
with Ter-Ra

Though I find myself on the Phinney stage (so helped by the new floor!) once or twice a year emceeing for SFS, I have not, I realize, officially performed for the organization that was so good to me as I was getting a feel for the local scene and immersed inThe Project since the Grateful Bread days of 2000 and 2001. I appreciate tremendouly the gesture from producers Marni and Susan of offering me the date—a double-bill with sweet-harmony duo Ter-Ra (from Portland)—though I’m a touch concerned that the nice weather will keep folk away (that happens when this town gets its daylight back!) and sabotage my attempt here to cash in some ‘good behavior’ chips from the community... Anxiety proves a waste, however, as a nice house turns home to hear my usual yammering and some fun collaborations. As usual, thanks to all who keep these doors open!

Sun., April 15, 2007
Moscow, ID: Palouse Folklore Society
with Joe Jencks

Lot’s of competition, we hear, for community-minded folk tonight who aren’t burning the night oil finishing taxes. Always a delight to sing in the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Palouse, which, for a diversity of reasons, holds a special place in the hearts of Joe and myself. And always nice for me to be home—great run!

Sat., April 14, 2007
Boise, ID: House Concert
with Joe Jencks

After 05-05-05’s smash debut, our anticipated (we’re told) return meets with much of the same enthusiasm and merriment. Fun to reprise the appearance—now a goshdarned bi-annual event, I suppose—and make some great new connections with folk as jazzed about ‘consuming’ music in this wonderfully intimate and interactive environment (got more folks singing this time!) as I am. Another fine effort from ‘M&M Productions’...

Thu., April 12, 2007
Salem, OR: House Concert
with Joe Jencks

Hard to ask for more from a mid-week offering from a first-time presenter in a town where neither of us have ever played... Glad for the opportunity to meet and share music with Diana, Gerry, Sam, and their wonderful group of friends!

Wed., April 11, 2007
Portland, OR: The Funky Church
with Joe Jencks

Funky, indeed!! Presbyterians, Catholics, and—judging from the size of the baptismal font—some folk from a serious dunking tradition have all passed through this stately-but-warm neighborhood church now converted (by a toy-maker in the 1970s, we hear) into a four-plex apartment building. I don’t want to know what it costs to heat the sanctuary unit in the winter, but I do think I may have found a solution to my family’s not-enough-room-for-everyone-to-stand-around-and-talk-in-the-kitchen woes. And I can’t stop humming “Alice’s Restaurant” (“Alice doesn’t live in the restaurant, she lives in the church nearby...”).

As a concert-space, it works well enough (we’re on top of one of the bedrooms, looking toward the altar-kitchen/movie-loft with the gorgeous stained-glass window behind us...and a mirror-ball right above), and the modest-but-supportive gathering makes a kick-off for the week’s regional-romp with Joe.

Thu., March 8, 2007
Seattle, WA: Conor Byrne Pub
Seattle CD-Release Party!

Such a treat to have a band behind me...and a full room of enthusiastic folk (most enthusiastic about me...). And can’t overstate how nice it is to have great players who dig each other’s respective company. Repeated thanks to Alicia Healey, Brian Hoskins, Dave Bush, and Erin Clancy—wonderful to hear her back out singing! Couldn’t’ve asked for better anywhere...though I could have listened to the organ purr all night... Will be looking to do more of these!

Sat., March 3, 2007
Spokane, WA: Caterina Winery

Great room, nice folk. Logan Heftel opens. Still trying to make sense of the Inlander’s blurb recommending the show: “Woodie (sic) Guthrie, James Taylor, and your geeky physical science teacher are the major touchstones for Wes Weddell.” (Logan was wearing a James Taylor T-shirt...)

Fri., March 2, 2007
Pullman, WA: Daily Grind

Hometown release concert (still catching up on my ‘notes’).

February 21-25, 2007
Memphis, TN: 19th International Folk Alliance Conference

Okay, not off to a great start in ’07 with the note-keeping; FA is still its over-stimulating self, with me doing my in-on-the-joke darndest to insist as much as anyone else present that I’m somebody, darnit! Memphis is a great town, and nice to grab a car and sneak away through Arkansas and Mississippi some on Sunday (though I wouldn’t’ve minded the airline flying me back to Seattle the day I wanted, either—can always use time to plant feet fimly underneath...). It’s not who sees you showcase (though some did!), just that you did showcase!