Saturday, August 7, 2010

Big Rapids, MI: Jensen Family Reunion

The Big Rapids Jensens are second cousins of mine (with varying degrees of removal), and two years ago one asked me if I would pen a tune about the family farm outside of town as a gift to the clan. No one lives on the property presently, and those who did (a long generation older than me) remember very tough times, but a spirit of 'this place won't go to seed on my watch' persists, and the 120 acres have thus become a wonderful play-spot for the youngest generation of Jensens (et al - for a delightfully loose criteria for 'family' also pervades). I sifted through various cousins' journals and thoughts on the place and emerged with "On My Watch," which I recorded on "By the Side of the Lake." Playing it on-site was, in a word, special.