Monday, February 14, 2011

Seattle, WA: Century Ballroom (Bushwick Book Club - High Fidelity)

Over the last, oh, 10-or-so years if you told me I'd one day play The Stranger's famed (but conceived and promoted differently this year...) Valentine's Day show, I'd've called the bluff. Similarly, if you'd let me know I'd crack the Century stage, a holy grail of dance scene-age, I'd similarly scoff. Yet such is the magic of The Bushwick Book Club that here I am doing both.

Nick Hornby's High Fidelity is the charge this month (the book, unlike the John Cusack movie, takes place in London), and I've got a little waltz. [VIDEO] And a few people even dance!

Next month: Town Hall! (Seriously.)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Seattle: University of Washington

As I mention from time to time, this coming spring marks the 10th anniversary of the Project that really kicked off my involvement in the local music community and scene. This being the case, I recently made efforts to reconnect with the University of Washington's Mary Gates Endowment for Students, which lovingly awarded me its inaugural Venture Fellowship to aid in my efforts. The foundation asked me to speak (and sing) at this year's welcome event for new scholars--heck, Bill Gates, Sr., opened for me (in a manipulative manner of speaking)--and I gladly accepted.

Here's my 'official' account, complete with the entire text of my remarks. (For the full effect, read the speech and then watch this...!)