Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bellevue, WA: Crossroads

As I do more and more work with Reilly & Maloney, whose aversion to monitors is legendary, I get better and better and trusting the room and working with what it gives me--but, man, it's nice to hear yourself well! The work Bob Conger does at Crossroads is nothing short of remarkable, given the mall/food-court traffic, tiled floors, and massive glass pergola... Enjoying getting the new stuff further out there (and, as always, a treat to do it under the Puget's Sound banner), though after tonight I'll likely clamp down on local appearances to put a 'premium' on the inevitable "By the Side of the Lake" release concert.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Redmond, WA: Swedenborg Church of Puget Sound

A lot of peers in my various circles do gigs like this all the time, often with UU / UCC / Spiritual Living congregations in addition to these sweet Swedenborgians (fascinating fellow), and becasue I speak the language folk often assume that I have a lot of overt material in my canon suitable for these sorts of occasions. Not that my songs are incongruous, but I think of my writing as being more story-centered than message-centered, with perhaps more ambiguity and room for listeners to draw their own conclusions. That said, it was a blast to have some 'community'-oriented tunes that fit this morning's messages (unknown to me until I arrived) to a T! And the DanceWorks Studio space in which they met is way cool, too...