Friday, May 28, 2010

Northwest Folklife Festival

I'm getting some pretty cagey looks from the group of underage smokers huddled at the foot of Key Arena's north steps, but I'm merely jogging a few flights to get the blood going some before my set. Nonetheless, it feels like I'm playing with my feet the last few songs, though I'm flattered by just how many folk are sticking it out in the cold-but-not-too-wet. Tomorrow and the next day I'll don my 'Community Coordinator' hat (the staff-like badge just encourages folk to ask me questions for which I haven't a clue re: helpful answers) for the second-annual Emerald City Song Circles celebrating original music at the festival...indoors! Ah, Folklife--there's none quite like you...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Full-Band Video

Several songs from April's full-band CD Release concert have found their way to the WW YouTube site--enjoy!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

U-District Street Fair: Cafe Allegro HOOT

So many connections for my detail-oriented brain to make, from my first U-District Street Fair in 1999 when I left for the day to explore and locked my showering dorm-roommate out in his boxers to all of the Allegro-HOOT stories I've absorbed over the years from Eric Apoe and his motley crew. When it's raining--as it often is in Seattle on May weekends--the indoor stage at Cafe Allegro is a blessing; when it's delightfully sunny (as it is today), less so perhaps...but still a grand time, with a fascinating-as-always lineup. Someday someone'll write a book about events like this, the folk who've passed through 'em, and the web connections and further/future exploits born out of 'em.