Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Seattle, WA: Richard Hugo House (Bushwick Book Club - Ellen Forney's "Lust")

Ellen Forney's Lust--cartoon depictions of kinky on-line personal ads--lies well outside my usual source material, even as those boundaries have shifted and grown from different Bushwick Book Club selections.  But I'm glad for the challenge, and the chance to see how other writers approached this dirty-yet-affectionately-human work.  Plus, Ellen's on-hand...and willing to participate in tonight's quiz: LustLab username or product?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Seattle, WA: Musicquarium Lounge at The Triple Door

The band is working up some of the Bushwick Book Club tunes into nice, full arrangements, and I'm enjoying integrating them into the sets rather than showcasing them as special, sideshow-type numbers in the midst of our 'normal.'  Still a little bit country, a little bit rock 'n' roll...

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Seattle, WA: Couth Buzzard

The scene building here at Couth Buzzard Espresso & Books is a neat one, low-key but heartfelt--kind of like a house concert in a cool library.  Knowing how busy a bookshelf-backdrop can look, I threw on my loudest shirt for the occasion: an in-the-round with good friends (and great writers) Matt Price, Joy Mills, and bandmate Alicia Healey.  Clearly, that's me on the right...